Bastille Day

Bonne fête nationale!

On July 14th 1789 a large group of revolutionaries stormed the fortress of Bastille, bringing down a symbol of the monarchy and their tyrannical rule. The revolution continued on for 5 months after the storming of the prison, ending with the infamous execution of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Today, the French national holiday is celebrated with huge displays of French patriotism, from the military parade down the Champs-Elysées to the firework displays in cities and villages across France.

Antiques from that era often decorative revolutionary symbomls, for example the following French Revolutionary Wall Barometer shows  “bonnet rouge” caps mounted on “fasce” bundle of rods and crossed tri-color flags.

Ceramics by Yumiko Kuga

B&Co has had the pleasure of showcasing Yumiko Kuga’s ceramics for years in our showroom. We are happy to announce that her Crackle Series is now available for purchase on Incollect.

Born in Japan Yumiko Kuga‘s passion in the creating crafts by hand sprang from childhood. With a background in fashion, she was particularly fascinated with the natural ways in which fabrics fell and took form drapery. Her interest turned towards pottery when she came to the United States in 1983.

Two years later, she enrolled in a course at the Greenwich House Pottery, where her new favorite pastime grew into an occupation. Striving to create works serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, she searches for simple and beautiful forms found in a nature which are transformed into objects of everyday use.

Yumiko Kuga has been making ceramics for nearly thirty years.


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Ikat Fabrics from Teixits Vicens



We are proud to introduce our latest Ikat fabrics for  DDB Spring Market! The new collection is available for purchase in our showroom.


Our latest addition comes from Teixits Vicens, a Spanish company that has been producing Mallorcan fabrics, “traditionally known as “Roba de Llengües” (“cloth of tongues)” since 1854. The company featured traditional Mallorcan fabrics until Marti Vicen, a third generation member took over. He worked on reinventing the traditional fabrics by drawing inspiration from “Pollença’s artistic atmosphere” and incorporating bolder colors and patterns.

The fabrics are made of 70% cotton and 30% linen using traditional Ikat techniques, making Teixtis Vicens one of the last places in Europe to use these methods.


The wonderful blend of cotton and linen make the fabrics incredibly versatile, and a wonderful compliment to our silk Ikats. Choose any of the Ikat fabrics available in our showroom, and we can make anything from custom lamp shades into one-of-a-kind pillows.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t started thinking about it, don’t panic! We know picking out the perfect gift for your mom can be difficult. Lucky for you, we’re here to make some suggestions!

For mothers who love to entertain, we recommend this early 19th century coffee set. This rare French Empire set comes with a coffee pot, sugar bowl and eight small cups. 

Look at this charming 19th century piece! This bronze French Empire clock would be a beautiful addition to any mantel. (The clock is in great working condition and chimes on the hour.)

If your mom is more into the modern look, we suggest one of Yumiko Kuga’s crackle glazed ceramics. Carried exclusively in our showroom, we can personally help you pick out the perfect item from Kuga’s. 


If your mom is looking for some design inspiration (but has yet to find Pinterest), we suggest the Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors book. We conveniently carry it in our NYC showroom, as well.

None of the previous items fit the bill? We do wonders on custom gifts! Choose any of the ikat fabrics available in our showroom, and we can make her anything from custom lampshades to one-of-a-kind pillows.


Happy Earth Day!


The terms ‘sustainable design’ and ‘antique’ tend to be mutually exclusive.

Well, in honor of Earth day, we are here to clear up that common misconception!

When buying an antique, not only are you buying a piece of history, you are making an eco-friendly decision. An International Antiques and Collectors Fair study compared the carbon footprint of an antique chest of drawers and the footprint with a brand new one. The results showed that a brand new chest of drawers has the carbon footprint sixteen times higher than its antique counterpart.

After doing the math, that statistic is actually not all that shocking. Antiques don’t require new materials and they eliminate the need for packaging. In addition there’s very little carbon fuel used for transportation (since majority of antiques are sourced locally).

We realize (that as antique dealers) we may not be the most objective. And to clear things up, we are not trying to discourage people from buying modern pieces. Here at Bermingham & Co., we have always believed in combining the old with the new to create a well-balanced space. We believe that an antique piece incorporated in a contemporary interior can offset the harshness sometimes associated with modern furniture.

One of our favorite ways to blend old with new is to update and repurpose well-worn pieces. This can be done by reupholstering, reconstructing the item or changing the finish. For example, one of our recent projects was re-purposing architectural corbels by stripping off the green paint and mounting them on a wall, adding a long piece of stone as a top. Voila! You have a beautiful and one-of-a-kind console table with tons of character.

There are centuries’ worth of furniture, art and home décor to use when incorporating sustainable design in your spaces. The ability to create an eco-friendly space that best suits your aesthetic is always a plus!

Opening September 6th at the D&D Building !

Bureau abattant

Bermingham&Co. is pleased to announce the opening of their new showroom, suite 421,  on the 4th floor of the D&D Building in NYC !

Eglomise Paintings

Come and see our eclectic collection of period antiques, custom furniture, hand-made textiles and fine contemporary art.

Hand-Woven Ikat Collection

Our showroom manager, Nitza Shawriyeh, will be happy to welcome you and show you all that is new and exciting at  B&Co.

Reuben Nakian Sculpture